Liebster Award

I want to Thank Blessed like crazy for nominating me for this award. R U L E S: • Thank the person who nominated you • Answer the 11 questions they gave you • Share 11 facts about yourself • Nominate 5 bloggers but no more then 11 to do this tag, and let them [...]


Merry Christmas

I wanted to wish everyone a great Christmas. And a happy new year to the new year 2018. It has come so quickly that I can't believe it's about to 2018 already! But it is and I'm glad that we get to celebrate it with the ones we love. So for those of you that [...]

Decor Window DIY

Decor Window DIY

So for anyone that love DIY's and Farmhouse style stuff you will love this. I recently visited the Silos of Waco, TX that the the famous and amazing JoAnna Gains created for all the Farmhouse lovers out there. But unlike a lot of people I cannot afford most items in the store. I honestly think [...]