IKEA hack kitchen towel pillow case

I have told myself for awhile that I would eventually have an Ikea hack. And every time I go to IKEA… I forget. I end up going for what I need and forget to look for something I can diy. Well I can finally say that, that’s over with. And I have an IKEA hack, and my favorite one yet!

Pillow cases! So let’s get started.


IKEA kitchen towels


Sewing machine(or for no sew hot glue gun)



So when I went to IKEA I saw these beautiful blue and white different pattern kitchen towels. For $4! For four kitchen towels. So I thought. Perfect, I can make two pillow cases out this!

Since I wanted to make them with zippers which is completely optional. You can always do an envelope case. I’ll have a tutorial of that up soon! I started with the zipper.

I wanted it hidden as much as possible. So I used the seems already sewn as the boarded and cover for the zipper. As you can tell I used one pattern in the front and another in the back of each pillow case.

And then once the zipper was sewn on I sewed the rest of the sides together and pulled inside out through the zipper. And it was done. Even had extra material and made the long pillow in the middle with the scraps.

It was a pretty simple diy. Inexpensive and I love how the look on my couch. My colors are navy blue gray and white and these fit in perfectly! $4 for two pillows. How can I get any better unless it’s our $3 pillows (:

This blessed house


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