Simple diy wreath

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and right after will be time to start decorating for Christmas… Unless your me and you start early. And by early I mean already started. Haha.

This year I wanted to have way more Christmas decor pieces because last year I didn’t have enough. But last year was my first Christmas in my own place, so this is year is my second. So something I defiantly didn’t have was a wreath. And I wanted one. The problem was the prices…! $50 for a decent one. Geez. I wasn’t about to spend that much on a wreath that I’m only going to use for a small part of the year. And store it the rest of the year.

So I decided to make one. And it turned out to be very easy and inexpensive, and only took me about 30 minutes to make. So let’s get started.


Metal wire wreath

Wire garland

Snow in a can

Floral accessories

I start by getting a wire wreath from the dollar store. (Well two… one wasn’t enough for me!) You can also get your floral decorations for the wreath at the dollar store. And depending on how full you want your wreath will depend on how many you will need. They also sell wire garlands but I already had some on hand.

Once you have everything you need you’ll start by wrapping the garland around the metal frame. You can wrap it two different ways. Going around and around in a circle or you can start at the outside of the wreath and pull in down to the inside and wrap a tinsel around the bottom wire and then pull back up and repeat. (I hope that makes sense) I used the second method for two reasons. 1. Saves you more garland and 2. It doesn’t fluff up the back to much that it doesn’t lay flat.

I kept rapping my garland till I got all the way around. Once I had done that I got my snow in a can and sprayed in small areas. And then barley pressed so I could get a softer spray in other areas. Does that make any sense?

Now snow is optional I made two wreaths and one with snow and the other without. And I love both. But back to our wreath. Once I had a desired amount of snow on my wreath I started playing around with the floral arrangements. And went with a very simple but winter look. Red and white Berry’s. Now my Berry’s are from Joann’s but you can just as easily get some from the dollar store with a similar look. There’s even had little pinecones on them.

And your done. I think it looks amazing and for a quarter of the price I would find one similar to this at the store for. Just with some garland(which most people already have tons of) some small floral arrangements and a wire wreath that cost only a dollar. Oh and the snow if that’s the look your going for.

I love how it turned out and it makes such a statement on my door. Now I’m not sure if I want to make another one just like it for the outside. Haha. I like it to much not to look at while I’m home.

This blessed house


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