Dinning room dresser makeover

I know there’s a name for this particular dresser but for the life of me, I’m drawing a blank here. And of course I won’t be surprised if the moment I post this, I’ll remember what it’s called. Haha. Oh well. 

A while back I did a room makeover in my moms house, my old bedroom. And I said that it wouldn’t be the last room makeover I would do either. And gladly it’s not. I will soon be posting a room makeover that was long overdue and certainly makes an impact on the room. But today i wanted to share a dresser makeover. My mother had a very old dresser in her dinning room that has been in the family for years. 

Now there was nothing really wrong with the dresser besides some bubbling on the top that had to be sanded down. But once it was sanded it was obvious it needed a new paint job. And of course I knew exactly how it needed to be painted, so course that entitled me to be painter. But I didn’t mind… sort of. 

Now I didn’t have a really good photo of the before because I didn’t realize it till after I had already started painting. So I couldn’t take one anymore. But here’s one I did have.

I know. Not the best but it’s the only one I had, and I don’t want to give to much away of the room we are making over. 

So first came sanding and patching handle wholes up that we didn’t need anymore. Most of the drawers had double handles and we wanted single handles. Does that make sense? The original handles were the ones that screwed in twice rather then once. Is that better? Hopefully picture will help. 

As shown in the photo we patched only one on the left and both on the right so we could make a new whole in the middle. For a single handle. After all the patchwork was done and all the sanding was finished we started painting.

And you can’t tell yet but there is some detailing in the wood above the doors that I knew needed to be the highlight of the dresser. Along with some details on the doors which I did not shown a before of. But here’s how it looked when I started detailing them.

And this is when it became more tedious then anything. But I think it was worth every minutes. Because it looks amazing now that it’s down. But of course I’m getting ahead of my self. Once I finished painting we added the new knobs my mom found at Marshall’s for a heck of a deal. 

And as you can see on the tops drawers two knobs were missing. So I measured them to find the center, and used a piece of chalk to mark it with a plus sign. Once I had the center it was easily to drill and add the last two knobs to finish it off.

And I have say I love how it turned out. I think the white parts just make the dresser pop more then ever before. Before it was stained all one color so you could never really see the detailing of the dresser. And now it’s what stands out more then anything. I think it has before a huge statement piece in my moms living/dinning room.

I hope y’all enjoyed this little makeover. Have a blessed day. 

And P.S. I glad to be back to writing since hurricane Harvey!


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