Strip Grain Sack Pillows

What’s better than some handmade pillows to throw around the house. But what’s even better is when you have the farmhouse grain strips going down it. I love the look of strip grain pillow or blankets.

But normally there very hard to find or very expensive when you do find them. So I decided to make my own. And it turned out very easy. First I took some extra drop cloth fabric and cute them to the size pillows I wanted. I had plenty of fabric left from my drop cloth wreath.

Then I took a foam board from the dollar store and cut a few strips out of it at the width I wanted. These will work as my strips. You simply paint the foam and press it down.

And once you have done that you have your strips. Afterwards I went and sewed the piece together leaving a small opening to flip outside in and stuff with pillow stuffing. And then closed the whole and it’s done!

I am really love these and think they turned out great I think I’m going to make more stuff with the strips and hopefully soon. I hope y’all enjoyed this and have a blessed day

This blessed house


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