Mess Free Kids Art

One thing any parent loves is a good fun project for the kids that’s less mess to clean up in the end.

I know I sure do. So when I wanted my kids to make me a really cute art piece but I didn’t want paint going absolutely everywhere I got an idea.

Baggies. Their mess free. So I’ll show you how.


  • Paint
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Ziplock bags
  • Picture frame
  • Tape

I started by cutting a shape of my cardboard in the amount of pieces I wanted.

I went with three for both of my kids so 6 total. Each gets its own individual baggies. Once I cut my shape out I would place the cardboard shape into the baggie and then squeeze in some paint and zip shut.

Then comes the fun part for the kids. They get to hit the bag. Squash the bag. Do what every want with the bag while spreading the paint all over the cardboard cutout. Once it’s all over the piece you can take the piece out and place it somewhere to dry. Don’t let it dry in the bag because it will tear and not come out right.

Once you have all your pieces you just take a small piece of tape to each backing of the cut out and place them in the desired spots in the picture frame.

And your done, you’ve got a cute art piece that your kids created with no mess what so ever. My favorite. No mess! What mom or dad doesn’t love that!

I hope y’all enjoyed this really cute easy mess free kids art piece DIY today and hope to see y’all again. Remember Mondays & Fridays.

Have a blessed day

This blessed house



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