Dipped Coffee Mug

Out of everything I own my husband always thinks it’s a little weird I don’t have a coffee mug. And I always answer with… “I know right?!”

I love coffee and by love I mean… L. O. V. E. LOVE COFFEE!

It’s probably something I drink way to often but yet can’t get enough. But every time I find myself at Ross or Marshalls or even target I never find one I like and if I do I don’t find it for price I like. So I decided that I would just make my own and in the end I’m glad I did.

This one of the most easiest projects I have down in a while and I am so glad I made it.

So let’s begin… first you’ll need a coffee mug. I got mines at the dollar store. Then you’ll just need a bowl and nail polish paint in tour desired color.

First you will fill the bowl with water and then drizzle the nail polish into the water. Once you’ve done that you just dip your coffee mug into the water and pull it back out. It’s that easy.

You get cute marble looking designs!

I did two styles and I love both. For the second one I did the exact same thing but with a darker color and a lot more polish. And in thicker portions.

And now you’ve got some really cute marble dipped coffee mugs that only costed you a $1. Depending if you already have nail polish at home. I mean what women doesn’t!

I hope y’all enjoyed this really cute really easy and very inexpensive dipped coffee mug!

Y’all enjoy and have a blessed day

This blessed house



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