Geometric Buffalo Shirt

For me a good buffalo art is just beautiful. I love buffalos so when I thought of making my own shirt my first thought was a buffalo. Though I wanted something a little different then just a solid buffalo. And I have been loving these geometric animals I have been seeing a lot. I thought I would make my buffalo geometric.

I went to Wal-Mart and grabbed me up a few shirts in a few different colors. For my shirt design. But I just went with the white in the end.

I then went on my silhouette application on my computer and started making my buffalo. Once I was all done I sent it to my silhouette Cameo machine to cut it out of gold vinyl.

Once my buffalo was cut, I weaved all the vinyl off that I didn’t need and started ironing. Don’t forget to add a fabric over the plastic or you’ll burn it. I applied pressed for about 20 seconds in each section until it was all ironed on. And once I was finished ironing I pulled back the plastic and my shirt was done. I added the fabric back on and ironed the design one last time. I like to iron it after the plastic off just to make sure it stuck onto the shirt really good.

And I had a really cute geometric buffalo shirt. That I think is my new favorite T-Shirt design. Im going to have to make a few more of these with different designs.

I think it looks so neat. I made a few sections a little thinner then I would have liked but overall. I am loving my little geo buffalo. I think I’ll name him Geblo.

I hope y’all like this little DIY. I have been dying to make a diy with my silhouette machine for a while now. And I’m glad I finally did.

Y’all have a blessed day

This blessed house


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