Don’t throw it away. Just fix it!

What is probably one of the biggest things almost everyone does… throw things away. We have a tendency to throw things away that either we don’t think looks pretty anymore or has something wrong with or even you don’t see the potential. 

But why? When there are so many things you can do with things you might be about to throw away. And you never knew you could just make it look a little prettier then what it was before. 

For instance a clip board. An ordinary old fashion clip board aren’t the prettiest and I’m pretty sure plenty of them find themselves in the trash to a new acrylic pretty one. But you could have really done was just painted it and made it look more expensive and would have costed you practically nothing. 

This ordinary clip board turned cute after some tape paint and patience. 

I did a color block. I wanted this cute pink I have but I didn’t want the whole thing to be that color so I painted the top a different color. 

After that I painted the hardware gold and it was done. And I had a really cute clip board that costed me nothing… nothing at all because I already had everything. 

Next I had a paper holder/organizer for my desk. But I was definitely not a fan of the floral print on it. So instead of throwing it away. I decided to repaint it. 

So I decided to go with a white a gold paint. And simple gave it two coats of each color and as simple as that was… it was done. 

Something as simple as a new paint job is as easy as making something old new. Without spending anything or very little at all. It’s something extremely easy and just something people don’t realize before throwing something so simple away. 

I hope this makes you think of that item you have been thinking of throwing away, that so easily can be fixed like new. 

Have a blessed day

This blessed house


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