Room Makeover

So I recently let y’all know that I was going to be doing a room makeover over at my moms house. Which let’s be honest I was super excited about. 

It was at one point my room. And honestly I had painted to room so many time it has become ridiculous how many coats of paint those walls have. 

I’m pretty sure they were light green at one time, a light purple, Pepto-Bismol pink and then finally a lime green a blue. Heck there was probably color before all of that but we won’t go there.

So since I left my moms I knew my mom could not stand looking at a lime green and blue color room. Let’s face it. Teenagers should never pick their bedroom colors! 

But I did and lime green and blue just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. So I volunteered to help my mom by painting it a normal color. Which she wanted a accent grey wall and the rest white. 

So here’s the before:

I mean look how bright those walls are. Something had to be done. 

So I went over on a free day and just went to work. I did one wall grey which I let her decide which wall she wanted and then the rest was white. 

And here’s the after. 

It wasn’t the biggest makeover but, just a good coat of paint made it look so different. Even photos can’t show what a difference it made. But when she came home she just loved it. 

I even helped her with a few new decor pieces. One big one was the futon cover. That flowed with the grey color on the wall and what was an accent color against the white wall. 

She had a small side table that was my night stand years ago I got from target. But it was a black and I thought it would look great grey. I painted it the same color as the grey wall. But in the end it was even lighter which I think looks great. 

Some good curtains to tie off the big window since she hadn’t had any there in a while.

A new rug to tie in everything and even layered a second one over, so it could make the room look even bigger. Because your rug size makes all of the difference. 

I kept the shelfs simple and uncluttered to not distract from everything else in the room.

A nice little seating area on one side of the IKEA shelf unit and on the other side just a small bucket with an extra blanket and pillow. 

And last I added some nice throw pillows and a dark grey blanket from ikea to tie in the greys and finish off the queen size futon. 

And that was the final room makeover for my old room. 

I hope y’all enjoyed this little room makeover and I hope to have a few more of these of page for y’all. 

Have a blessed day 

This blessed house


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