Inexpensive Photo backdrops

Now when I started my blog not that long ago I didn’t have anything to take my photos in front of or on top of. So it was a disappointment to me when I would see my photos look so glum and dark.

I hadn’t gotten a hold of my photo editing just yet since I use my iPhone 5c for all my photography and editing. Now I’ve gotten a little better and have found some good photo editing apps to use. You can see what I use in my post about it HERE.

Now that my photo game has improved. (Could use some more improvement) I needed a good background to shoot my photos on.

So if you did not already know I do everything on a budget. I like keeping my cost down as much as possible and I know I’m not the only one. When you have kids that budget just doesn’t cover everything your looking for. So finding ways to work around it helps out a lot.

So for me. I needed more then just one background/backdrop. I wanted a variety.

First background was a rug. I know your thinking… a rug? But if you can find a rug in your color pallet that’s just to beautiful to pass up why not? I had been wanting this one rug for the longest time ever but I knew I could never get it with my kids since it’s almost all white. It would never stay clean. But when I was at Ross one faithful afternoon I found that exact rug but for the fraction of the size and price. I couldn’t pass it up. I had never seen one so small and only for $12 I couldn’t leave it. Don’t get me wrong I almost did because I thought $12 whould be a little much to spend but my boyfriend knew I wanted it and told me I couldn’t leave it! (:

Second one is a very easy one. Fabric. This is a lot like a rug but can come in many varietys and can be cheaper in many ways depending on how big of piece of fabric you need. If you don’t need much then you can make many different fabrics for practically nothing.

Third one is very inexpensive and you can create practically anything with it. Foam boards. I bought a white and black one from the dollar store. There also 96¢ at Walmart but I couldn’t find a black. It’s good to have a dark background for those certain item to pop!

For my black foam board I left it as is but for my white foam board I wanted something a little different and I got my idea from The Sorry Girls. When Kelsey did her bedroom makeover and made a faux white brick wall. I thought why can’t I replicate that on a small foam board for a background. Thankyou sorry girls!

To get the black background so dark just open snapseed and move your shadows to the negative till you have your desired look
Faux Brick

The fourth is probably one of my favorites and that’s MDF moulding board. Now I know. Everyone hates MDF… But the moulding boards have a white paint on them and if you don’t need a long piece you can cut one piece into three like I did and make it look like a shiplap background which is why I love it so much.

MDF Molding 

Now mine needs a new coat of paint but that’s nothing and one Board could cost you anywhere from $4 to $15 depending on what size you need but if your really lucky you can find one in the scrap pile like I did and get it even cheaper. They were actually going to throw some away when I found mine and I got it for a penny. A penny. 1¢! They throw stuff away you’d never believe. If you know anyone that works at your local store you can have them let you know when things are discounted or about to be thrown out so you can get some before it’s gone.

My Fifth is galvized metal. Now you can get a sheet of this from your local hardware store for about $10 a sheet. I actually got mine from a old white board that I took apart. Since they need to be magnetized it had a sheet of it behind the white board. Now maybe not all white board have them but you can always check your local thrift stores for some and just check the back of it. The galvanized metal was showing on mine so you might be able to get yours even cheaper then $10 if you find one.

And now my sixth background is wood. Now you can have one large piece or a planked look. You can have it natural or stained or even painted. It all depends on your preferences. Now it could be something you already have like the top of your coffee table…

Or if could be a wooden tray for those smaller diy’s…

It doesn’t just have to be just a background it could have a duel purpose and still work as a background when you need. Just clear it off and take some time for your photos then put everything back.

And those are all my inexpensive photo backgrounds for now. I’ll have some more soon.

Have a blessed day

This blessed house


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