Picketfence GATE 

Ever since I watched Fixer Upper and saw the episode that Joanna found a picket fence gate door on the side of the road and placed it on the wall above a couch. I have wanted my own little picket fence all for myself. 

I thought it was the prettiest wall decor but of course finding my own real picket fence would be almost impossible. So I decided I was going to make my own. 

And to be perfectly honest. It has turned out to be one of my favorite projects that me and my husband have made and one of the easiest. 

I took just a normal pine board and just cut it down into strips of about half an inch thick. 

Once we had all the strips that we could get out of that one pine board I put it down in the grass to se how it would look. 

Once I knew I had enough came assembly and cutting. 

We cut the angles board at 50 degrees at both ends. And once we had everything lined up we glued and nailed everything into place. 

Depending on how many boards you have and how big you want your fence to be will depend on how far of spacing you want between each board. I just took the amount of board I had and divided that by the length of The board going across and that gave me a estimate of how far they should be. Of course as you go you can adjust how you'd like. 

Once we had it all assembled and dried we just the top to have a curve. I free handed the lines but you can easily use string and nail to make a more accurate curve. 

Then we stained, I wanted a medium dark color since most of my projects lately have been light or white…. so I went with a medium walnut I got in sale at Walmart. Always check there sales. 

And that was it. It was done.

Just threw a wreath on it and our newest masterpiece was complete. 

I am very pleased with this project, considering it was just a plaid large piece of pine before we started. That had been sitting in a corner for months not knowing what we were going to do with it. 

One large board turned into this. I've gotta say this is one of my favorite projects. But I believe I have said that before and I'm even more sure I'll probably say that for another project we do in the future.

But I hope y'all enjoyed this little diy art work. 

Have a blessed day

This blessed house

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