Upcoming Room Makeover!

I am very excited to say that I will be having very soon. A few room makeovers. I offered to help my mom paint some rooms in her house and I thought I would take y'all along for the ride. I will doing possibly 3 rooms but for sure 2 rooms. 

I will be having a bedroom makeover and a living room/dinning room makeover. 

I have been wanting to help my mom out with her house for awhile and when I offered to help her out with a few rooms she got super excited. Especially since she knows I'm the queen at doing things on a budget. 

There's no better way to fix something then to do it inexpensively. 

Who knows there might be more to come after that…

Be tuned for some room transformations coming soon! And love to see hear any insight anyone wants to throw my way!

Hell here's a small little peek on what I'll be transforming soon… (:

I know… wow those are some bright colors. No judging it was my old room. And I liked bright colors. But I felt like I couldn't leave that room like that any longer. It's… horrifying! Teenagers. Never let them pick the paint color. 

Well that's all I have for y'all today. Look forward to my first room transformation and hopefully only the first of many!

Have a blessed day

This blessed house

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