Mail holder

Now we all have that stack of mail that you get every once in awhile or more then once in awhile. That sits there on the counter. Now me. That bothers the crap out of me. So I just throw mine in a drawer. But lately the drawer has been… well… unopenable. It has collected so much mail that at times you can’t even open it. So I asked my boyfriend to make me something I could put the mail in. That would be easy to see for everyone. 

So I started by drawing up what I wanted the design to look like. After I was done I went to our wood stock and grabbed some wood. 

I took a very wide board and from there used the width to be my mail holders height. And cut sections of the board to be my front piece and back piece and then cut two strips of wood for the sides. 

We trimmed the front piece to 10″ height and 7.5″ width. I kept my back piece at 15″ and cut my strips to 7″ long and 1″ wide. 

From there we started glueing and putting everything together.

And then sanded it all down and it was done. My favorite part is the strip of almost white wood on the side. I think it’s so unique and pretty.

I hope y’all enjoyed this simple diy and have a blessed day.

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