Recently I wanted to give my mom a gift I knew that she'd enjoy. And I knew she'd love nothing better then a pretty looking Planter for the outside of your house. 

I went through a lot of different planter ideas till I found the one I just loved. Once I had the idea and plans we went and got the pallet wood. I used about two full pallets for this one Planter. 

I didn't pull the pallets apart but cut them on the lines above. I didn't want my Planter any bigger then a certain width and the planks were already that width when cut on those lines. It also takes less time. 

Once I had all the wood from the pallets stacked I started planning the wood. 

Once all the wood was planned we started on the cuts and assembly.

All the cuts were 5 degree angles. I started at the first layer which was my bottom layer and cut five degrees on both sides and then cut three more pieces the same size. That gave me my full first layer on all four sides.

I then layed the first layer down and placed the second layer above. I then used one of the other three pieces of the first layer to mark the lines on the side by placing it on top of the second layer. I would match the 5 degree angle with the other 5 degree angle and draw my line. And then do the same on the other side. And every layer up. 

Once I had one of each layer I then would use that as my example and cut the other three sides of that layer. Once I had all the wood cut the assembly started.

I started by placing the first layer together. I then placed four small square post in each corner to support the rest of the planter. And did one side at a time. I didn't do a bottom piece so that this would be more for decoration then an actual planting pot. 

Once the whole planter was assembled I started the last step. Paint. I decided to go with a white wash. I used 1 part paint and two part water.

I would paint and then wipe away and excess paint. I would do this on the whole planter as soon as it was painted. And then sanded the rest after it was dry. And it was done. 

I have to say this probably one of my favorite projects to date. But then I have a feeling I will be saying that a lot. I hope y'all enjoyed this diy and have a blessed day!

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