Mid century Nightstand

For awhile now we have been needing a good nightstand to place things on. But hadn't found the right nightstand so we decided to make our own. 

We decided to go with a simple nightstand. Nothing to big either since we really only need it for our reading glasses keys and wallets. 

We decided on a mid century nightstand but with different legs. 

We decided to make our own instead of buying them premade. This was probably the most tedious part of the whole project but in the end we appreciate it more. 

The frame itself was very easy. We just took a long Board and cut it, the top and bottom are both 20"in and the sides are 6 1/4"in. We kept the board at the same width which was 11 1/4"in. and cut the legs to 18 3/4"in. 

Once all the pieces were cut the assembly was very easy. We just had to stand everything and and glue and nail everything together. 

We wanted a different look for the legs so we deceided to shape the legs our selves with a vice. I only did one leg and my boyfriend did the other three. 

Since we decided on making our own legs we had to make a way to secure the legs onto the frame. We used some screws that screwed from both sides. 

And drilled a whole into the middle of each leg and marked where that would sit and drilled a whole into all four corners of the bottom side of the nightstand. We marked the drill with tape were we needed to stop drilling so we wouldn't go through the wood all the way. Once we had all the whole we screwed the screws into the legs and then into the nightstand. And it was done.

I hope y'all enjoyed this simple diy and have a blessed day!

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