DIY Copper Pipe Ladder

Now awhile back I got this Studio 3B™ 6-Tier Fabric Shoe Rack in Black from bed bath & beyond.

Of course I got it on sale for a Black Friday sale but overall this is very reasonably priced only $19.99. Of course it’s gone through a lot. Over 3 moves(not including moving around the room which it did quite often.) It also held probably more shoes then it was sapose to. But recently the fabric slightly tore on a few shelves. So I decided that I could just reuse the shelf for other things. 

1 thing that I have been wanting for awhile now but haven’t wanted to spend the money on was a copper pipe ladder. You know the ones everyone has now but they don’t tell you can spend over $20 just for the pipes. That not including the tools to cut the pipes and the pieces to connect them.

So why couldn’t I just make my own out of my shoe shelf, that’s one way to reuse what someone else would think is trash.

I mean the shape of it already looked like one. Am I right?!

It only took a few minutes to to dissemble the whole shoe rack and then reassemble the ladder.

I thought it was perfect. I hadn’t spent anything. Next was the paint. Copper/Rose Gold. I mean I wanted a copper pipe ladder. I wasn’t going to not make it look like one.

So I just sprayed painted it with some spray paint in rose gold and Walla it was done and I have a really cute ladder for blankets.

I hope y’all enjoyed this and have a blessed day.

This Blessed House


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