DIY Chair Uphosterly 

I have personally wanted to recover a chair for quite some time now. But never had a chair to recover. Till I walked into my mothers living room and saw what only I would call a beauty!

I seeing old chairs that people would just throw out and not realize what some new fabric and paint can make it look like.

What I found most funniest of all was that the chair my mother had gotten was the exact chair I had been wanting to get and recover. So I immediately knew that was going to be my project. And I told her I was going to and she loved the idea.

Now there sat there fees before I even got around to messing with it. But once I did I couldn’t stop.

This was the before.

Pretty ugly fabric huh. But let’s get back to fixing this baby up. Now first I had to remove all the trim nails. That was probably the most tedious and hardest part of the whole recovering. Some just wouldn’t budge.

Once all the trim nails were all removed I moved onto the sanding and painting. I wasn’t going to remove the old fabric because I was in almost perfect condition it just needed to be covered. So since I didn’t care about the fabric It didn’t matter if I got some paint on it.

I deceided on a white paint with a light gray fabric.

First I gave the chair and good sanding to help the paint stick to it a little better. Then I moved onto painting.

Painting took no time and only two coats! But once the paint was dry I gave the chair another good sanding in some of the more detailed areas of the chair. So it would have some distress.

And then I moved onto the fabric of the chair. This was my favorite part because you can now actually see how it was coming along. From that old lady’s chair to a farmhouse dream chair! Hahaha a little far there. But I do think it turned out beautiful!

After all the fabric was put on I moved on the last step which was adding the trim. At first I was going to add the fabric as a trim but since I was recovering this for my mom she wanted ribbon trim and silver studs.

And the chair was done.

I hope y’all enjoyed this diy, I believe this is my biggest diy I have posted to date and hopefully it will not be for long (:

Y’all have a bless day!



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