Ash planter box

A very simple diy most women need in there home is a planter box. It’s very simple. Very easy and only requires a few tools. Some that can be substituted for other tools.


  • Wood
  • Nail gun / hammer & nails
  • Wood glue
  • Wood conditioner
  • Mitersaw
  • Jigsaw
  • Sander

All you need to do is cute your wood to size with your mitersaw. If you don’t have mitersaw you can have them cut at your local hardware like homedepot who will cut it for free for you. Or you can cut with a jogsaw or handsaw.

Once you have all the pieces you need. 5 piece total. You can start putting the pieces together.

Place some wood glue before you nail the pieces together. To give it more strength. I used waterproof glue since it will be a planter box. So that the water can stay in Instead of out.

Then add your bottom piece and your. Or is done.

You can leave like that or you can make some handles. Just draw out your shape. Make a small whole for you jigsaw blade and cut your whole.

A little sanding and your done after that. We decided to add some conditioner to the wood after it was all sanded. And then placed it intje over to help it soak in.

And your done!
This blessed house



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