Simple stump decor

Now stumps are great way to decorate in many ways. There are plenty of different things you can do with an ordinary stump someone else might find trash. 

Now I have been wanting to find a stump for awhile but haven’t had the luck in finding the size I have been wanting. For the project I have been wanting it for.

But when we saw some people cutting down a tree in the apartment complex we asked if we could have some of the wood, and they were thrilled to give them to us.

We took a few good pieces. The pieces were all wet which actually helped with peeling them. The bark actually peeled right off with an axe and hammer.

After the bark was pulled fully off we let the stump sit out over night to dry.

Next day.

After a full night of drying we went ahead and started planning and sanding.

After we flattened the bottom to sit more flush with the floor and sanding the sides as much as we could we started painting the sides.

I didn’t want to paint the top or bottoms pieces I wanted those to stay natural because I just loved the look of soft natural color with white. So we added a conditioner to the wood at the top and bottom where there would be no paint. This helps the wood not crack over time.

And it was done. I had a really cute new piece for my desk area that someone else was going to throw towards the trash. A cute new piece that stands out and is so simple to do. You literally just need to pick up a stump off the side of the road sand, plane, paint and seal and your got one heck of a statement piece! (:

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