Wooden tissue box

Now most people when those allergies unexpectedly come to light you’ve got tissues everywhere. And let’s be honest not everyone enjoys those tacky paper tissue boxes you can get at most stores. With random prints on them. They just don’t go. And it’s okay when you’ve got maybe only one. But let’s face that fact too. You’ve probably got one in almost every room unless you carry yours with you.

Since I have family over every once and awhile and that seasons in. Keeping some tissue available is needed. But of course I didn’t like the look of that tacky paper tissue box sitting there in the middle of my coffee table. Especially when my kids find it sometimes a toy and it’s just all distorted and distroyed.

So I decided to ask my boyfriend to make a tissue box to put the tissues in so I could get rid of all the tacky paper tissue boxes around the house.

He loved the idea and asked me to start drawing it out. My jobs the ideas and drawing and measurements and he does all the dirty work!

So I went through our wood stock out on the porch and I decided to go with a red oak we had. That wasn’t too wide. And I began by drawing my sides.

Once I had the sides drawn we cut them and the bottom pieces and started assembling.

Started by placing the pieces in the arrangement they would be in. And then started gluing and nailing them together.

Once I had all the sides but one out together I started getting ready to make the whole.

Then I started drawing where I wanted the top of the tissues to come out. At first I was going to have it stand up tall but then I changed my mind and went with the traditional tissue box look.

So we started by getting a bit the size we wanted the width of the tissue whole to be and drilling. Once we had that whole we had a wholeto place the jigsaw blade in and starry cutting.

Then we routed all the sides to give it that rounded look.

Then we added the last side. Started to sand it down. Once it was all sanded we sealed it with a wood conditioner. And then for the last step. Stuffed some tissues inside and it was done.

And we have a really nice red oak tissue box that took less then one afternoon to make and helps get rid of the pesky tacky tissue boxes none of us like.


This blessed house



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