Cleaning your dried paint brushes

So recently I have had some problems with my gold leaf paint. Where it doesn’t want to come off my paintbrush and makes it almost not useable afterwards.
I didn’t wanna throw away the paint brush knowing I would have more projects with my gold leaf paint. And I would only be wasting paint brushes if I threw them away afterwards.

So I was determined to clean this paintbrush somehow.

Now I forgot to take a picture of it at first but I can promise you it was cover in dried gold paint. That regular washing wouldn’t take off.

I tried a few solutions I found on Pinterest that were sapose to help make old dried unless paint brushes live again another day. But after I let it sit in the solution for far longer then their time frame said I knew it wasn’t working. I had almost given up when I decided I was just gunna try whatever.

Now by whatever I mean a few different cleaning products I had under my sink. I don’t know why I mixed the different products together or why I even grabbed a few of them, but whatever I did worked. And it actually took the dried paint of the brush. Paint that had been there for probably a few months plus a project from that day as well.

So you ready to hear this extremely weird solution that took dried paint of my paint brush.

I’m telling you it’s a weird combo.

So these are the four things I used.

  1. Downy
  2. Ajax soap
  3. Ajax powder
  4. & Mr.Clean (half water, half Mr.Clean)Squeeze Bottle

So I used an old candle vase I didn’t need anymore, and placed my paint brush in the vase. It wasn’t extremely wide so I didn’t need to use much. I then added some downy just under the metal of the brush. Then threw in a little Ajax powder. Then I had a mixture in a bottle already that use to clean around the house of half Mr.clean and half water. I added a little of that. And then a little Ajax soap. I know, why those? It’s just what I had.

Now I didn’t measure any of the things I threw since I honestly didn’t think it would work I was just messing around and walked away. But when I came back to look at it after a few hours I saw some gold at the top. And I knew it was actually working.

Every once in a while I would take the paint brush out and whipe it down with a paper napkin to take any loosened paint off. It’s amazing how dirty your paint brushes can be.

I let the paint brush sit for about half a day. But it just depends on your brush and how much paint has been dried on the brush and probably for how long as well. I would also everyonce and awhile take the brush out and spread out the bristles so any paint stuck in the middle could get taken off as well. Just remember to keep feeling your brush after you take it out was dry it off. I thought at one point it was completely clean and when I felt it there was still a few places that were truck together and hard as a rock.

I hope this helps you clean your brushes that paint just won’t come off of. I might even work for brushes that your forgot to wash right away and dried before you could do anything about it. (Don’t worry your not the only one that’s done it)

Now go clean those brushes!

This blessed house



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