Concrete Paperweights

What’s every desk need? Yes a computer and mouse but what else. I’ll give you a clue… dun dun dun… PAPERWEIGHTS! Wait I gave it away. Oh well. Paperweights. We all need some to keep those pesky papers from falling or blowing away. And the best part. You can make your own!

I came across this pan at the thrift store for 99¢. I immediately knew I wanted to make some concrete molds out of them.

It was perfect and a different design. Who wouldn’t want a few of these laying around on your desk. 

There also very easy to make. The longest part is the wait for them too dry. Which if your mold is small like these , it will only take a few hours. If it’s bigger it’ll probably take over night. 

First you just get your concrete mix and add water until it is a slurry mixture. (P.S: I bought the cheap bag from Home Depot that cost only a few dollars and just sifted the rocks out. It worked perfectly and costed me a fraction of the price of the concrete mixes without rocks. I do a lot of concrete projects so I needed a big bag!)

Next you need to oil your pan where the concrete will go. This will help the concrete to come out easier without damaging the pan or pan. Then you just need to fill your molds. I told you it was a easy diy. 

Like I said the longest part of this project is the wait for the mixture to dry. But you want to take the concrete out before it sets. I waited about an hour and a half before I took them out. They should come out quite easy if you oiled your pan really good. Then set them out to finish drying. 

Once their dry you can sand them down a little so there not so rough. And then your done. And maybe a touch of paint too. 

And Walla your done and you’ve got a very unique paper and cute I made add that everyone will be asking where you got it from! (: 

It’ll be our little secret! Y’all enjoy!

This bless house


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