Wood Necklace Display

A beautiful necklace needs a perfect looking display. 

I decided I wanted to make one to hold a necklace I don’t ware but means more to me then any other necklace I own. Every girl has that one special necklace. Either one that was a gift or just happens to be your absolute favorite one. 

So I started by drawing out my shape i wanted. 

I went with a traditional necklace display shape. 

Then with a jigsaw cut the curves out and top of the display. 

But I wanted the necklace display to stand on its own and at an angle so we made a stand for it. At first we cut some cubes with 30 degree cuts on one side. And attached them to the bottom on the backside. 

But the cubes weren’t big enough to hold the weight of the display so we made an addition piece. Somewhat like a picture frame had on the back but out of wood…. of course. 

We cut the top at 45 degrees and the bottom at 22.5 degrees to have it sit flush with the display and still allow it to keep its angle. 

And in the end I think it came out beautifully.

I hope y’all go out and make y’all down displays. I will be trying out of different shapes of these and maybe a bracelet display as well. And I’ll let y’all know how those go. Enjoy

This bless house



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