Ferrero Rocher Jewerly Box

Now every girl needs a jewerly box. Even those that don’t have a ton of jewerly. I’m not a huge jewerly fanatic so I don’t have a ton of it but I do have some and need a place for them. Being I have never been huge on jewerly I have never had a jewerly box. 

So I looked some up but didn’t find any that I really cared for or a price I liked either. So one day when I was eating my favorite chocolate I was sitting there starring at the box it came. Ferrero Rocher has the cutes boxes for their chocolate. And just too cute not to make something out of it. 

So that’s when I decided I would make that cute little box into my new jewelry box. Perfect right!

Now I forgot to take some of the pictures but no worries I’ll tell you everything. 

First we started by opening the container and using the bottom piece and a size chart to cut out a piece of no slip Matt. This is a Drawer Liner from harbor freight. Very inexpensive and will keep your stuff from rattling around like it normally would. 

After I put the drawer liner in I started painting the top piece. At first I went with a black Matt. But over some time I didn’t really care for that color anymore for I decided to paint it a different color.

So painting it came a little difficult for me. Since I couldnt figure out what color to paint. I painted half diagonally gold. But didn’t care for the black and gold combo. So then I paint the black pink. And liked the pink color with the gold just that huge gold section. 

So then I painted part of the gold white.

And it was done and I had a really cute and unique jewelry box reused from a Ferrero Rocher chocolate box. 

Hope y’all enjoyed this and would love to see what y’all can make out of this really cute box. 

This blessed house


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