Simple Abstract Art

This simple Abstract art is a simple as saying 1… 2… 3…!

All you need is a

  • Canvas
  • 2 Paint brushes
  • 2 Paint colors 

I went with two colors rather then one or more. I will be trying out with a few other colors here and there but for this one I just used a pink and gold leaf paint. 

Just get your canvas, main color and paint brush, and just paint strokes as much or as little as you’d like. I did mine more towards one corner because I had accidentally got paint from an old project on it and wanted to cover that up. (SAVE NOT TRASH!)

I used a 2″ brush to make the paint strokes of pink and then back in with a 1/2″ to make the gold streaks. 

And after that your done. I only added streaks at the bottom. But you can put them anywhere I wanted to stay inside the pink and around the edge. 

And your done. Your got a really cute piece of art that took less then 10 minutes. Depending on how big of a canvas you go for. I already had a thin 8×10″ That’s a perfect fit for my desk and gives my desk a cute look and a pop of color! 

Hope you enjoyed this simple diy and hope y’all go out and make your art Abstract art. I’m in love with Abstract art and need to make my own. (:

This blessed house



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