Concrete Candle

I love the look of concrete I don’t know why. I love rose gold, wood, marble, gold accents and concrete! So when I can find some new ideas to make things with concrete I’m all in. I’m always looking for some fun projects!

When I came across this pan around Christmas time I had to buy it. It was a star shape and just cute. Of course it then just became a storage pan for all the loose cords and extra stuff lying around I didn’t like looking at. 

But a few days ago I said I was going to make it finally when I came across it cleaning. So I started sifting. I buy the concrete bags with the rocks. And trufly we don’t want those in our mixtures. So I have a strainer that I sift the concrete mix with. I don’t see the point in spending $15 or more on a bag without rocks that I can honestly just sift. 

So I began to sift my concrete. Once I had enough concrete mix I began to add the water. Then mixing it till I had a slurry mixture. I then got my star pan and oiled the inside to prevent the mixture from sticking to the pan once it started to dry. 

Once I got my consistency the way I wanted it I began to pour the mixture into the oiled pan. Then I oiled my second item that I was going to use as the inside mold, I just used a regular kitchen storage container I didn’t need anymore. And placed a can inside to give it some weight so it wouldn’t float out. 

And then the wait begins… I waited about 2 hours before I took the concrete out of the mold. It wasn’t fully dry but just dry enough to keep its new shape. You want to take the concrete out before it completely drys so you don’t have to break your container. I broke my first few molds that way. 

Then you just let it sit over night to fully cure. Then the next morning you can sand it. Just a few buffs here and there to get that nice soft feel. 

Now you have a beautiful mold you can make out of items from dollar stores. Mine was from the 99¢ store. 

Now I decided I wanted mine to become a candle. I had a candle that was just sitting in my pantry and wasn’t being used, so why not reuse it! 

I began by putting my candle in a pan with a little water and heating it a 6. Melting the wax inside the candle. I didn’t want to go buy candle wix when I needed such small ones so I took apart three(now my new candle mold is quite big so one wix wouldn’t have worked.) tlights and took the wix’s out of them. 

From there I placed my wix into the concrete mold where I wanted them placed and started pouring my melted wax into it. The melting of the wax takes a bit of time depending on how much wax your have. Now I have 3 tlight candle wax I didn’t want to waste so I threw them in my melting candle wax. So it have a little extra. (They were non scented so doesn’t bother the smell of the candle.) 

Once all your wax has been melting you pour your melting wax in your concrete mold and let it dry. Once it’s dry you have a brand new candle, and cute one too. 

Hope y’all enjoyed this simple diy you can do for practically nothing. 

This blessed house



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