Logo & Color Pallete Change

Since I made my blog I have been back and forth deciding on a color pallet for the blog and a good font and logo. Now I have probably changed both of those multiple times already because I just hadn’t found what fit what I was looking for. The style, look the colors. I wanted a very light pallet. Nothing too dark and distracting, but nothing to light because I knew I would be using a lot of whites in my photos so I needed something to pop with the colors. Now I have probably had my blog for all of a few months now and I think I have finally figured it out. 

At first I was looking at other blogs to see color schemes most girls went with. To see what looked good. What colors I liked and what colors some country farmhouse themed pallets those had. Now most were beige or this pretty pretty blue. Now don’t get me wrong the color was beautiful. But it didn’t go with what I wanted. I need something a little less bright and a little more light. 

I went with three colors I thought suited me. A light pink, a light blue green and a dark blue(slightly faded). The dark blue would be my tittle on photos and the color of background and cow. While the other two will be in my blog name and eventually the colors of the lettering of titles on my blog posts. 

I even put my watermark as the dark blue as well so it could be seen. 

I think I have finally found my color pallet and logo design that fits my style and look. And hopefully this one sticks! Hahaha. 

Even though before today I had actually never picked a color pallet just went with the already installed pallets that come with the themes in WordPress. Since I couldn’t change them. Even though I still can’t change them maybe later on I can. So my whole page what my color pallet. 

But like I said in my watermark tutorial I love my little cow. (: and very happy with my new logo!

This blessed house

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