Thifted DIY Cable Knit Pillow Case

So I know Cable Knot Pillow Cases are just the thing going around. Like a cold but better! But the thing about the pillow cases and pillows is that they can cost anywhere from $28 and up. And Let’s be serious here who wants to spend $28 or more on 1 pillow. We have tons around our house. And we need definitely need more then 1 pillow. 

So when I saw the cost of these pillows I told myself I was going to make my own for a fraction of the price. At first I thought why not knit some. Well I don’t knit. So I wondered why not crochet some. And I attempted but it was somewhat difficult and a very long process to cover and I tire pillow. 

So I went with my least expensive and most effective way. A thrift store. I go everyonce in awhile to one so I figured why not look for a cable knit sweater to turn into a pillow case. 

So when I recently went to my local thrift store and came across two sweaters I love, I knew I was going to be making my pillows that day!

And it was really easy.


  • Hot glue gun & glue
  • Scissors 
  • Sweaters
  • Pillows
  • Buttons
  • Needle & thread

One was of course a cable knit sweater and the other was a white with pieces of black and gray. I couldn’t leave it. Especially not for $1.20. And the cable knit sweater for $1.50. 

First I cut off the arms and neck. Once all the side were cut off I turned it inside out and got my handy dandy hot glue gun out to work. I started hot glue all the sides together till I had three sides hot glued closed. 

Once all three sides were closed I turned the sweater outside in. And pushed the pillow inside. It’s just like my no sew pillow case post that you can check out right here for more pictures and help. 

And your done. Now I was going to leave the pillows like this first but then I decided to get some buttons and make a closure for each pillow. Now this part is completely optional but in the end I’m glad I added mine. 

I just loved how it made it look better. I went with 1 button on the gray pillow and three on the white. But again this is an optional step! 

Hope y’all enjoyed!
This Blessed house



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