Wood ring holder

The perfect women’s ring display is one made just a beautiful as the ring itself. 

Nothing prettier then displaying your Jewelry on wood displays. 

I have been needing some displays for not only to hold my jewerly but also to display unique pieces that I sale. To present the jewelry and show off the colors and style. And also length. 

This was the first attempt to a jewerly display and i of course started small. The small display of course the ring display. Women you know our rings are small and can be misplaced at anytime. Especially with children with sticky fingers. 

I might want just a place to place your ring at night or when your doing crafts and take it off. Or just for the rings that a special but don’t get worn as often as others. To have a nice place to place them is essential. And that’s exactly what I made. 

I took a small strip of wood, a square shape dowel and cut it into small squares. 

Once I had a few small cubes came the drilling and chiseling. 

Until I had a good size whole for placing a ring in. 

Once I had the wholes came the sanding. I personally like them natural but they can also be stained or painted. 

Then came the sanding 

And it’s done! It’s that simple and easy to make these cute little displays for your rings!

I hope y’all enjoyed this simple and easy diy. 

This blessed house



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