Now Sew Pillow Case

The best pillows are the ones you make yourself. Because you get to design them without paying rediculous prices for a cute print.
A few years back I was losing gaining wait like nothing, between pregnancy and after pregnancy weight loss nothing was fitting me anymore. So I decided I wasn’t going to spend tons of money on pants that probably weren’t going to fit in a week. So I bought fabric to make my own, they were my first so they were okay but in the end I had tons of fabric left. Fabric I didn’t know what I could use it for till now.

One of my favorite fabrics I had a good amount of it left but being so floral printed I thought it was a little to girly for regular house pillows. I had two old pink pillows from old bedspread set. That no longer went with anything either, and the color of the pillows were faded in some places.

So I decided they would look cute covered in the floral print fabric and used for my daughters bed.

But since I moved into my apartment I Haven’t found a space that I could put my sewing machine, so seeing these pillows was not an option.

The difference before and after a DIY pillow case cover

So I used what most women have in there DIY kit. Hot glue gun. And I think it looks pretty good! Can’t tell it’s Hot Glue.

All you need is

  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Fabric
  • Pillows

First I took my pillow and laid it out on the fabric to see how much I needed to cut. I tried it cute it a little big to be on the safe side(side note: the fluffier the pillow the bigger you need to cut.)

Once I had the pillow all cut I put the pillow on the inside and started hot glueing.

Once I had both sides all got glued I made a slip at the bottom, so I could still take the pillow in and out of the case whenever I needed. (Perfect for kids) that is of course optional. You could always close it up all the way.

Once you’ve done that you just need to flip the newly made pillow case inside out and try it on your pillow.

And your done. You’ve got a brand new pillow cover that you didn’t even have to sew.
This blessed house


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