Double ash Cutting Board 2

So I did a Ash cutting board post awhile back. But since then we have now made two new ones, but this time differently and bigger.

It was a pretty easy project and you only need a few tools:

  • Mitersaw
  • Jigsaw
  • Wood glue
  • Sander
  • Pencil
  • Wood burner(optional)
  • Router(optional)
  • Forstner Bit

First we started off by glueing two pieces of Ash board together. We had two small pieces of Ash but wanted a larger cutting board.

After the pieces we’re fully dried we went and cut the side so that both ends were equal and even. Once the board looked like one piece we began the designing stage. It took a little brain power to come up with an idea that would utilize the entire board without waisnting and wood. I simple went with a curve and handle down the middle.

Then we began to cut. And cut and cut. Till we had two pieces.

On one of the pieces we decided to make a whole at the bottom corner to be able to hang the cutting board up.

Just a simple tip. Don’t go straight down with a forstner bit it will get hot and stuck. Move it around while you are making the whole. 

Once that was done we routed the sides of the board, now this optional but to me it makes it looks so amazing and professional.

Once you’ve done all of that your done. Now I went back and drew my boyfriends logo and burned it into the wood. Now it was my first time so it didn’t come out 100% amazing but for my first it came out pretty fine.

And your done. You’ve got two cutting boards out of two ash boards glue together. And with handles of you go with a design like ours. Hope you go and try this Cutting Board out and would love to see your own designs!

P.S. Don’t forget to oil your cutting boards down with cutting board conditioner.

This blessed house


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