Watermark tutorial

Something I have realized over some period of time now is that I am actually decently good at making logos. 

Now my logos don’t look that great or amazing at this point but they do come out pretty good. Good enough for watermarks. And the best part about it all is that I do it all on my phone. And on 1 app only. 

Now like I said I’m not professional but any tricks I learn that I think someone else can benefit from I’ll love to help with. 

I actually had this app for a very long time and didn’t even use it to the best of my abilitys at first. Something that probably happens a lot with apps. We try it, delete it, and never really realize how many things that app can do. 

I can across the app Phonto when I first wanted to make myself a logo for my selling apps. Rather then using a personal photo. This app helped me do exactly that. 

This is the logo I created for my little shop on Mercari and Poshmark

I just came up with a name I wanted, the look, style and created it all with this app. 

My favorite part of this app, the part that I believe NO OTHER app does on a phone. Is allows you to download fonts straight to the app. I get my free fonts from Free Designs. They have the best free fonts around. (sounds like a commercial!)

Once you’ve downloaded your fonts that you want you can create anything your mind can come up with! 

Now I recently created my watermark, my first watermark ever and I am very proud of how it came out. And I would love to help others make there’s too. And from the comforts of your own phone. 

First you’ll need a photo. But not just any photo. A transparent photo. Just use your favorite Search engine and look up transparent image. You should have an abundance of choices. All different sizes. 

Once you got your photo you’ll need to open it in the app.

Once your photo is open it’ll look just the grid background. Since it’s transparent you won’t see it. So if it comes up white, it’s not transparent. After that you start designing. I personally used the font love time & AudreyI got them from free designs. Now just FYI love time font, since it’s free, does not allow spaces between words. 

Now you just click on the screen anywhere, click Add Text, type what you want it to say and then click Done 

From there you’ll have Text where you can edit what you’ve wrote. Font where you can choose from all your new downloaded fonts or fonts that come with the app. Style where you can change the color and if it has a boarder or shadow. Size, Tilt & Move. You can also swipe to the left and you’ll have Curve, 3D & Eraser. 

Now I used curve to make a circle around the object that represents my logo. Mine was a cow. Now you make other shapes or just one straight line but I wanted mine to wrap around and be small. 

Since your watermark is a representation of your logo you want something in your watermark to represent that. Mine was the cow. Since I didn’t like the look of the cursive font around the cow I went with my second font Audrey. Which I am very happy with. Since my name has two parts. The Blog name and subtitle I used my name at the top as shown in the above photo, and then added my subtitle under. 

Since you want a full circle you want to make sure your curves are at equal measurements that add up to a 100, so for example my top curve is 53 degrees so then my bottom will be -47 degrees. Making a full circle. I did make the bottom smaller since my subtitle length is a lot smaller then my blog name. But you’ll have to work with your to see what fits best for your name depending on your length. 

Now going back to my little cow. If you have a symbol you’d like in the middle you’ll have to make sure your background is transparent behind the object. You don’t want to do all this work and have a white background behind your watermark. The whole point of your watermark is to be an overlay on your photo.

If your background is not already transparent, you can edit it with an app called Back Eraser. Which will allow you to erase the background to any image. If your image is a simple regular popular photo you can probably search that object up on your favorite search engine and find one with a already transparent background like my little cow. (Let’s save you some time and effort!)

I also made myself a second watermark. One that will go above my titles. That won’t be too much and take away from the title itself. Since I didn’t want it to be big I went with a simple initials of my logo name. TBH. And simply used my cow once again and placed the letters inside the cow. There are plenty of different ways you can creat your watermark. 

Once you’ve done all that your watermark is done! So save your image. But remember to save your image with a transparent background so save it as a PNG! But wait we’ve gotta use it too. I wasn’t kidding when I said this app does it all. 

Now if you’ve made sure everything is good and your full background is transparent. You can go back to phonto. Add a image you want your watermark on and then go to your side bar and click add image.

Once you’ve done that it’ll take you to your photo albums. You just simply add your watermark image you just saved as a PNG. Once it’s open you can then change the size and where it’s located on your image. 

I make all my watermark images size 100 but yours will be your preference. And your DONE! You have now just created a watermark with 1 app… unless you used back eraser to make the image transparent. And if so then 2 but hey not bad. Now you make your watermarks, logos and your designs for photos all here.

Love to hear your options and if this helped any of you.

Have a Blessed Day

this blessed house


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