April Bullet journal prep

So last month I did a bullet journal prep on march and I though why do one right before I start a new month. Just give people some ideas. Or just help with the prep. I start mine early so that I can have it all set up before the month starts. 

So… Hello April. Am I right. This months a good month for my son who will be turning three on the 23rd! I’m very excited about it. Don’t know what imma do just yet though. 

To start off the month I went ahead drew my calendar for the entire month. This has worked out very well for me the past month I have used it and want to continue with it. 

Next I did my same page layout with my expenses earnings and spent money. And on the next page my sales from any I might make during the month, so I can keep up with how much I will make from those. 

Then I have my blog post page and my projects page. We’re I will mark what blog post have scheduled for what day and what projects I want complete during the month. Just so I keep up with what day I need to have something ready to post. 

And then begins my day to day planning. I went with a tropical doodle theme this month. So I have some tropical leaves on the pages. 

Even so big Palm Trees

And I still continue to put small calenders with corresponding colors to know which week I am in. 

Hope y’all enjoyed and get so inspiration from my bullet journal. 

This blessed house


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