Plywood Window 2

Awhile back I had made a plywood window out of inspiration from the Magnolia Silos in Waco, TX. I had visited the Silos on a Road trip to Waco to see the Amazing Joanna’s and Chips place. And while I was there I saw the window I loved. Just not the price I loved. So when I arrived back home I planned on making my own. And I complished that. But after I made that window. 1 window was just not enough. 

I had to make ANOTHER!

So I did, but different shape, different look, different size! I wanted a bigger one. 1 to fit over my couch in my living room in this one DEAD space on the wall. 

So I grabbed what was left from my plywood and began drawing until I got a look that I just loved. 

I wanted something a little different from the last one. And defiantly bigger. Big enough to hold my magnolia Wreath I made recently. And not look like it has been eaten up. 

Once I finished the drawing came the cutting. A jigsaw did all the work then a sander to sand off any rough edges it had. I wanted to route the edges but because it’s plywood, some edges were to fragile to route so I left them as is. Added an Antique White Stain. And then some white spray paint to cover any areas that the plywood just drank all the stain. (paint thicker pieces of plywood. The stain will just drink it. I thought it might I had to try for myself. A thinner piece might have worked.)

And walla…

I had a plywood window that I loved. That fits my wreath. That covers my dead space. And is completely my style! 

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