Dog Bowl Stand

I recently got a dog. A German Shepard that we named Robin. And yes like “BATMAN & ROBIN!” 

So when I got him he was only 6 weeks. So food wise he didn’t eat much, but now he’s much bigger and eats way way more. So I had to go get myself some bigger bowls. I knew I wanted to make a stand for him so I went looking for bowls with lips on them. 

Lucky me I found not only cheap but really nice medium size bowls at Walmart for $2.87! FOR MEDIUM SIZE. I mean geez laweez that’s a good deal. 

So it made making the stand that much easier. So began the building. I found these two pieces of wood on the curb of house a ways down from my mothers. And I couldn’t leave them. I mean come on… FREE WOOD! 

So luckly the pieces were big enough I only need one to make the stand. 

So first I drew out the bowls and then the rest I made into legs. 

Once I had all that drawn I had to make the wholes smaller so they’d fit under the lips of the bowls. 

So the outside line is the outline of the outter lip of the bowls. The inside line is what I measured the width of the lip is so the lips of the bowls would sit on the wood and not fall through

Next came the cutting. We just cut on the lines for the legs and then started on the circles. We just made wholes with forstner bits to put the jigsaw blade through to cut.

Next we cut out the circles.

Filed the wholes a little straighter and then started putting the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle. Once we figured out if we wanted the legs on the outside or inside(we went with outside) we started glueing them together and then using brad nails to hold it in place. 

I even added an arch to the legs to give a different look. After that we did the other side and then routed all the edges and sides. 

After all that was done all we need was some sanding and paint…

And it was done.

And I have to say ROBIN loved it.

And the best part. All this was done in just a short few hours. 

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