10 eBay Finds #1 – Rose Gold

I am a true eBay shopper. I shop on eBay, I sell on eBay, I live on eBay. I probably find myself looking at stuff on eBay multiple times a day. 

But I tend to put more things on my watch list then in my cart. But just recently I thought to myself, why don’t I share my finds. I find so many and never purchase. Why not share those find with people that might actually be looking for these items to buy. 

So starts my first… of many(hopefully) eBay finds. And today I’m start with one I am completely in love with. Rose gold. 

Though I have found many items in rose gold I will be sharing 10 of those finds today with you.

So on with the blog. And our First Rose Gold find.

Now I love candles and I don’t know many people that don’t but even better then that you can find so many uses for the container the candle was in once the candle is gone. Just like this Rose Gold Candle

I mean look at it. Once the candles gone you can use to store so many things. From your bathroom to your desk. And it’ll look so cute. 

Now who doesn’t use portable speaker these days. Everyone loves a portable speaker you can take with you and use to play all your favorite music. But what girl wouldn’t want a Rose Gold Bluetooth Speaker. 

Cute huh. 

Then you’ve got these really cute 18K Rose Gold earrings. What every girl needs.

Fourth find is just perfect for those with a love of rose gold and marble. This Copper lamp with marble base is just out of this world perfect. 

My fifth find was this Rose gold bar necklace.

I think the picture says it all. 

Sixth is Appreciate Foil Art.

Seventh you’ve got perfectly cute Mouse pad. What every girls desk needs. 

Eighth is probably one of my most favorites. I’m a Texas country girl at heart so when I came across this Rose gold metal Star I was just in love with it.

I probably am going to buy that! 

Ninth is this Concrete and Rose Gold wall Planters 

And finally the tenth find is this Rose gold wall organizer

And that’s all the finds for today. If you’ve actually found this helpful or just liked this post let me know and I’d love to do some eBay finds for you all. I’ll even take some requests! 


This blessed house


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