Project 4 Log Lamp

A while ago I had a log that I transformed into four projects. Coasters, two different types of candle holders and a lamp. Well I was still working on the lamp so I deceided to post this one serperate. Now that I have finished I’d love to show y’all my new Log Lamp!

First I took the remainder of my log and cut it in half. We didn’t have a long drill bit and really honestly didn’t wanna go get one. Now if you have a long drill bit you can avoid cutting it in half.

Excuse the darkness we were making this at night outside

Now once we had cut it in half we marked an “X” so we could find the middle we’re we’d drill our whole. Once we had our middle drilling began.

And then to the second half. And on both sides. 

When then slipped the cord through the top part of the log and then added clue to the middle of both both and top. 

Once that was glued we got the dremel and made a small indent for the cord to sit under the lamp without making the lamp unbalanced. 

We then added some hot glue to keep the cord against the wood. Once all of that was done the lamp was done. We just went to Rose and picked up a small lamp shade and it was DONE!

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