Chalk Board 2

Now I know I’ve done a chalk board photo frame before. But hey, you can never have enough chalk boards. Just this ones a little different.

This ones made of plywood!

Now I had some plywood left over after a project I had. And I really wanted a chalkboard for my kitchen(it’s not even in my kitchen it’s in my living room!) so I had the leftover plywood cut in the size I wanted.

Once I had the size I wanted(this was cut three times before I was happy with it!) We went ahead and sanded away. I wanted it as smooth as possible before painting. (This will actually need to be sanded again after painting!) once it was completely sanded I got my chalk board paint and painted it.

Once the paint dried we had to go over it with a sanding sponge just to smoothen it out. For some reason after the paint dried it became very rough. Once that was done and over with it was done. But there was just something that was missing. It didn’t look complete to me. It need something. It needed… a routed edge!

And now…

It looks complete. With the routed edge it looks like a picture frame. I might paint the edge white or gray and maybe make it a little thicker edge but for now I think it’s perfect!
Hope y’all love it! 


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