Barrel Coffee Table

Now this post is long over due. My very first project I ever did when I first moved into my apartment was my barrel Coffee table. Now it was my first big project and probably the longest. 

When I moved into my apartment I didn’t have a coffee table and all the ones I was finding were either to expensive or just not worth the money. So we discussed making our own coffee table. But it wasn’t until a trip to Home Depot did that thought become a reality.

A trip to Home Depot was sapose to only be for paint but somehow we ended in the garden section and there I found it. 

My future coffee table.

Just a huge stack of them. But unfortunately when I found them we had just gone through multiple days of rain. So the bottom of the barrel was all warped. But I still wanted it. So we asked about a discount. And a discount is what they gave us. 50% off! That was $20 I couldn’t pass up.

So we took this baby home and a corner it stayed for over a month. While we tried figuring out exactly how we were going to make the top of the table.

We went through a couple of different ideas but in the end we decided on a plywood top. But we didn’t want a cheap rough thin piece. We wanted a thick durable top that could withstand a lot. So we went for a Sandy Plywood. It was just $39. And we didn’t want to spend that much. So we just looked and looked and looked. Multiple trips to Home Depot and no plywood. Until, one day we just happened to find that plywood with a huge knot and piece taken off. So we asked the lumber department about it. And they sprayed painted with purple paint. 

If you dont go to the lumber department much. Purple spray paint means 70% off. 70%!

$11.70! For a $40 piece of plywood. 

Once home this piece meet my pencil and then our jigsaw. And finally some walnut stain. And in no time we had our top. Because we were going to be using the inside of the barrel for storage we decided to add handles. We bought a set from the Dollar Store and just spray painted them black. And our coffee table was done!

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