March Bullet Journal Prep

In January I decided that I needed a different way of helping keep track of everything in my life. From appointments for my kids to the dog, to having birthdays not forgotten. With everything simply jotting something down was not working because then I was running around looking for that particular Sticky note. 

So I started a Bullet Journal. Now I didn’t go by all of the rules a bullet Journal normally has, but then I think most people just find what works for them and goes from there. Now most also have a lot of things to keep track of there moods and health track. But I needed this just to keep up with my everyday life. So I don’t have any of those things in mine. But I’ll show you what I do have!

To begin I like to make a page to know what month I’m going in.  For fun of course (:

Now this is not at all necessary but I like the fun part of it being mine and being able to doodle if I want to. 

Once you open the next page you get a large full two pages of a month calendar 

Now I didn’t do this the last month and I greatly regretted it. This month I wasn’t go to make that mistake again. I knew I needed it because I could right things down for ahead of time if I needed to. Somewhere to keep everything I knew I had planned weeks in advance written down. From birthdays to payments, to dentist and doctors appointments. 

I also color coded everything. Dark purple was for reminders, yellow for appointments, pink for blog posts, gray for payments, blue for birthdays and green for paydays. 

I even added a small rectangular box at the bottom of each day to write my boyfriends work schedule so I could keep track of the hours he would work without having to ask over and over again. “what time do you work again tomorrow?!…” NOT ANYMORE!

As well as write down the time I would be posting my blog that particular day in the pink. This way I can have a set time for posts and particular days. And I would also know which days I would need to schedule a post. This month I am trying Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for posts but I think next month imma try Monday’s and Friday’s just to see which one works better for me. 

Next page was my most needed. 

Monthly payments, costs and earnings. Now I want to save for a house so this is my best way of doing so. This will be my second month for this save plan and it helped me realize just how much spending we actually do in a month. It’s crazy what you don’t notice, Over a course of so long. So I just jotted down what I knew my monthly payments were from rent to insurance to miscellaneous items. And I rounded up. From there I wrote the same list but with empty spots so I could write my actually amount that I would be paying that particular month. 

Under that I would have a list for earining and underneath that I would have a list of expenses I would do that month. With dates and what category that expense would fall under. So that at the end of the month I would know if I went over any particular category. 

It would also help me know exactly how much we spent in the month and how much we earned. Giving me what we saved that month. 

The next page is Sales. I sale a lot online as a little extra earnings. From eBay, to Poshmark to Mercari. And this page is to keep track of those sales so I can make sure I know what percentage I am getting. And how much I have earned. 

Then we move on to the next page. 

This is where I keep track of my blog posts. And since I am trying something new this month and posting on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s i went ahead and wrote the days and dates of each Tuesday and Thursday of the month and beside them wrote the blog post I would be posting that day and what time it would post. Allowing to see what days I would need to make a post. 

Under that I have projects and just a small list of some I would want to do during this month. Of course I would be adding more as the month goes on. 

And then we begin the day to day planning and listing. I also color code the days with a particular colors that would represent the marked week on the small calendar. 

I try to leave days open so if I have less one day I have more room for another day that I have more to do. Which is where that large calender at the beginning comes in handy! 

I hope this helps with y’alls bullet journaling this coming month! And gives you a few tips to help you stay organized! 

Have a Blessed Day From This Blessed House (:


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