With all this rain it’s hard to build a single thing…

Now here in Texas it has been raining day after another. When it finally looks pretty, you think oh goodie everything going to start drying out now. And in a day or two I can start making something. But when it’s finally looking like tomorrow’s going to be the day and then…

“Rain, oh Rain, why’d you have to come back and play!”

The days are slow and wet and boring, what’s there to do but make something indoors for showing! (p.s. I love to rhyme! Use to write poems all the time… hahaha sorry!)

So began my new project for my wall in my apartment!

My new canvas quote. Now I have had this canvas laying around for quite some time now. It use to be a covered in memorabilia of my oldest daughter everything from when she was itsy bitsy. From the hospital bands to her outfit she wore home! But when my son came along I felt bad he didn’t have one. Plus the canvas had moved so many time things were falling off so I went ahead and took everything off of it and decided to make the canvas new. By painting it white. Of course I only gave it one cover so it looked more worn then new.

Now was the hard part finding the perfect quote. The canvas isn’t small so I knew I either had to have a big long quote or one perfect in size.

It took awhile for me to find a quote I personally liked. I found tones but this one… the moment I read it. I knew it was the one for me.


Now when I looked up this quote I found out that it costs $125-$145 for the size I am making it. So considering how I am saving I think this apretty good project.

So I printed the quote on my computer. Took me a few tries till I got the right size but once I did arranging it the way I wanted came easy.
Next came transferring it. So I had seen a few ways people had transferred letters onto canvas’s but I didn’t have any stencils. Hensing why I printed my quote. So the other way of transferring seemed quite easy. All I needed to do was color with pencil the back of the printer paper over the printed letters.

Once the whole quote or at least that one line was done I flipped it over and traced the letters. By tracing the letters with the pencil coloring in the back it transferred the letters over to the canvas.

Now considering how long the quote was it took some time to transfer the whole quote. A little tedious but in the long wrong very much worth it.

Then came the even more tedious part. Painting it. This part took me days. Mostly because My only paint brush the size I needed broke and all my others where not the right size. So I just made a quick run to my local store to pick up a new paint brush and continue painting.

It took me some time to actually come around to finishing this piece but I finally did and I am happy with it.

I was actually going to wait on posting it till the last finishing touch was added… a wood frame. But I can always made a different post for that. (:

Overall. I love this quote and love this canvas. And can’t wait till I finish it off with a wood frame to make it look complete.

I hope y’all like this project and make some art of your own!



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