On phone photo Editing

When I started my blog a month or so back I just wanted to post what I was making. Of course once I started my creativity slowed down. But I still have some projects left in me. But the biggest thing about what I was posting was I wasn’t happy with my photos.

Now I post my blogs and photos from my phone. I don’t have a fancy camera or the money to afford one and currently I do not have a computer. So I do everything from my phone. It does become somewhat of a problem occasionally when I know a laptop would make certain things so much easier, but I am sure I am not the only one that started off this way or is going to start this way.

I have been trying to find a way to make my photos though… POP! Now being that I currently live in an apartment with very little light coming in. That becomes somewhat of a problem. Now I had not invested into any products that could help, for instinct a back drop. Or photo lighting. Things that would definitely help when taking photos at night. So I was only taking mines during the day. (If I could) Now I know not everyone has the luxury of doing that. I have occasionally taken mine at night as well. And we’ll they look extremely orange. Which is what I dislike. So I did go out and buy myself two lamps from Walmart.

Now these arnt the greatest looking but they definitely get the job done and allow me to clip it to practically anything with an edge and adjust the angle at which it faces. These were only $7 but the day I found them they were on sale for $5 so I only spent $10 which most photo lighting equipment cost way more!

I also picked up two white poster boards from Walmart as well that were only 98¢ each if I needed a backdrop. And then I used a sheer white curtain whiched I already owned to then cover the lamps so it didn’t look like I had a direct light above.

But that hat was to help with the night time photo problem. But for the daytime. All I needed was just a little sunlight, a few photo editing apps, some free time and Walla! My photos went from dark to light!

I’m not sure about you but I’m sure happy about the difference. And the best part. The apps I used were FREE. Now all photos are different so experimenting with the tones will change any photo but so will a few extra tricks.

First I open the app Snapseed (FREE). Click at the bottom we’re there a pencil and and then click tune image.

You then will have a list of different tones. Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Ambience, Highlights, Shadow and Warmth. Now I use all but Warth. I normally but brightness to around +50, Contrast to about -40, Saruration +6, Ambience +10, Highlights +11, shadow +15. But for ever photo that is different. You just have to play around with the adjustments till you get something you are happy with. And back and forth till you like it. Once you have your new photo…

You’ll open your second app Facetune 2 (FREE).

With Your already edited photo your now going to whiten your background. For me, my walls. They are this ugly cream color that I do not like and personally think it does not look good in my photos. So I put my whitening tool all the way up so I can see exactly what I am whitening and color away. Now sometimes you can color over an item and will not do much affect to it. But others it will color black and white so, do watch out on what all your whiten. Also a small tip. Sometimes you might a shadow in your photo, with the whitening filter you can go over a second time and color just the shadow and adjust so it’s almost none at all or looks like the other side without a shadow.

After you’ve colored what you want white you then adjust your tone of whitening until you get a color you like.

Once your done with whitening you move on to the last and final app, A Color Story (also FREE). And this ones easy. You just add a filter and your done.

You just go to filters, then click on essentials and then go to the last filter ice ice.

And your done! You took a dark photo with little light and change the whole look of it with three FREE apps. Now most people might say… but photoshop. Well. Photoshop isn’t cheap nor is it in my budget and I’m sure it’s not in everyone else’s either. I just simply found a way to make a photo change without spending any money. Just some time and effort.

I hope this helps you all with your photos too! (:


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