The afterlife of my new dresser

With every old dresser they have their own perks. I recently came to own an old dresser that to my own option needed some work. Now some people won’t care and just throw the dresser in the room and use it. But I like changing something up and making it look new. Get a new life, and have a new start. So with this dresser it need major sanding and paint. A lot of the dresser had this stickiness to it and I couldn’t leave it like that. So sanding it was first.

Some areas need more sanding then others but it’s okay. Nothing a coat of paint won’t fix.

I got a white/grey from The Home Depot but let’s be honest I’m not seeing any grey. Just all White!

Nothing I don’t mind but it couldn’t of hurt if some gray would show through

Now for the paint to dry and second coat to go on. There’s also the decision of the hardware! Now as much as the pre existing hardware is not my style and a little to outdated for now it’s just going to have to do. Just until I find some I like for reasonable cost considering I need 12! 6 would have been fine but 12 is going to kill me.

After sanding, then painting, then distressing in some areas and then adding the hardware back on. This baby was ready to go home. (I took over my moms garage till it was done because my front porch doesn’t have enough room.)

Once home this baby was done. Ready to be filled with tons of my kids clothes… oh you thought this was for me. So did I. Until I started to put some of the kids clothes and then before I knew it. There wasn’t any room for mine anymore.

But overall I love it and it has come in very big handy.


This blessed house

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