The Logo update

I thought it was time to update my logo. It’s hard for my to find just one thing I like and keep it exactly the same forever. FOREVER. Forever is a very long time. 

My previous logo was cute and me… but not as me as I’d like. So I made a new one. I made the last one so I’d have a logo. But now I actually truly love my logo. 

I kept my same font because… well I love that font. The sofy font. It’s lovely and perfect. 

And then the flowers. I love flowers. And who wouldn’t want rose gold flowers. I love love love ROSE GOLD. So I had to have rose gold in my logo. I had a lot of different options but in the end I picked the one. 

But as you can see I had a very hard choice. I loved all the background I used. But I didn’t want anything to much. Something simple and not over powering. 

So I hope y’all like my new logo. I sure do!



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