Pumpkin T light holder

Pumpkins… where do I start. These are a traditional piece for fall. But who says you can’t use them all year round. I went shopping recently to Burlington. And in the sale isle at the very top where these beautiful gold pumpkins in a container. I had to grab them. And when I checked the price. I had to buy them. I was getting 8 small decor pumpkins for $1.99. Of course I had to go and find a ladder just to get them. But it was worth it.

Of course

I’ve had them sitting in there container since then. I’m not the hugest fan of gold. Though gold is beautiful and there plenty of things I love in gold. I have been debating on painting these. But the other day I wanted to put one of my little T light candles on. But I couldn’t find my t light holder. I was looking everywhere until I saw the pumpkins sitting on top of the toy box. And thought…

Why don’t I make one from one of the pumpkins. I got 8.

So I did.

I started by taking 1 of my pumpkins and a t light for measure. I then took the stem off the top of the pumpkin. Once the stem was off I then placed the t light flat upside down on the pumpkin and pushed down. Leaving a indent.

Once I had the indent. I got a knife and stared carving out that area.

And everyone once and awhile placed the t light inside until I got the depth that I wanted.

I left a little areas of the metal sticking out so that it wouldn’t be a hassle to take the t lights in and out again.

And there you have it. A beautiful t light pumpkin for all year round. I love it and can’t wait to paint it a different color… I’m thinking rose gold. I have a thing for rose gold.

Y’all have a blessed week and enjoy


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