If you enjoy it do it

There’s something very pleasing about accomplishing a goal. Working for it and making it work. 

In 2012 I was determined to do exactly that. And I did. I wrote my first book.

Finding Love
It’s still on amazon. I thinks that’s so awesome. It took me quite awhile to write. And I must add. I did a horrible job at correcting all my grammar mistakes. I enjoyed writing but my grammar wasn’t good. I had a lot of mistakes that I even caught after I read it again. 

But I did what I wanted. I wrote a book. A love book, that now I look back at and laugh since I was a senior in high school when I wrote this. 

I mean what senior knows anything about true love. But o gave it a shot. Rolled with and and very pleased I went for a goal. Maybe eventually I’ll right a new one. Better, with less mistakes. 

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