Homemade Stamps

So I have been very interested in starting a Bullet Journal for some time now. I think a bullet Journal could help me out in my everyday life and also give me something enjoyable to do daily. And of course and bullet Journal is just as it sounds. A Journal. But being who I am. I don’t want just a Journal. Simple. Plain. Bland. Boring. Journal. No. I want an Interesting. Creative. Colorful. Different. Journal. 

So one of the things that can make a bullet Journal cute it washi tape. And the other is markers and the very cute one is Stamps.

But of course I wasn’t going to go splurge on cute Stamps just for a Journal. Oh no. I’ve got a budget. And Stamps are not in that budget. So I decided this lovely morning. 

Imma make my own.

Now ask me if they look awesome. No. Was I creative. Yes. Are they worth the time in effort. Yes. Mine are a little on the messy side but. I rushed a few. Plus I used  styrofoam. Which isn’t the easiest to work with. But I was trying to work with what I had laying around the house to keep the budget at a minimal. So how much did I spend. Nothing, nothing at all. 

So let’s begin. 

I had this cork board from the dollar store I picked up awhile back that I no longer used. And behind the very thin piece of cork was… wait for it… styrofoam. So I decided imma use this. 

All I used was…

  • Styrofoam
  • Scissors 
  • Pen
  • Ink
  • And some free time

So I started by drawing the different stamps I was thinking I wanted. 

I used cardboard because well why not… I wanted a half lemon stamp. So I just redrew it on the foam once I liked how it looked and started carving. Once I had the look I wanted I cut it down to size to have a cute stamp of a half lemon. 

Very easy very simple. I then just replete this process for a heart…

Then a leaf…

And finally hello…

Now just remember when doing words if your working with the stamp material. You must flip the image. I free handed this and forgot so I had to make this one twice instead of once. Because I drew hello right onto the foam without thinking when I flipped it over it be backwards. Of course I used this to my advantage and stamped the backwards hello onto the foam and then carved that one to be the correct way. 

But as you can see they arnt the greatest of Stamps but they do the job and give it a different look. 

You can also make these out of regular foam, wine corks, erasers, or a sponge. They all could work. 

Hope y’all go out and make something from stuff just lying around the house. You never know what you can make. 

Enjoy the rest of your week and have a blessed day


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