DIY twine pumpkin

I love the look of pumpkins but I hate how they don’t last. So faux pumpkins are the way to go right? Well for most they can afford the ceramic pumpkins or glass pumpkins but I can’t find any for reasonable price. And this momma is all about budget friendly costs. If that money can be used somewhere else more important it’s going to be. So I tried thinking of ways I could incorporate pumpkins without buying some that would die or some that just costed way to much…

Introducing my twine pumpkins

These are pretty easy to make and if you already have the materials your in luck. If not it’s really cheap. Twine doesn’t cost much at all and you can get large amounts for decent price. I personally bought mine on eBay. For anywhere between .70¢-2$ and they have tons of different colors. 


  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Stick, twig or pine cone
  • Circle object

Now I used a ceramic wrap to wrap my twine around

Once you’ve wrapped it all around or the desired amount you want just slide the twine off without unraveling it. Then take both ends and go through the middle and tie it snug but not to tight. 

Once you have tied it snug but not to tight you can start forming the pumpkin. Just move the circle around till you have a pumpkin. And then comes the stim. Now you can use a stick or a twig cut to size. But since they are so small and I already had some pinecones laying around the house for decoration. I just broke off a piece of a pine cone and used that as a stim for the pumpkin. 

And your done! Walla! Easy right?!

And cute and best of all affordable! Who doesn’t love affordable DIY?!

Eventually I will try to make one out of twigs when it’s not all wet outside. Once it’s dry I’ll have some DIY wood projects. Can’t wait!

Hope y’all enjoyed this DIY and have a blessed day

This Blessed House


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