DIY Pinecone Christmas Ornaments 


Well the first that’s actually my tree and I actually get to decorate in my own place. So my first ever tree! And I am so super excited. Like you couldn’t believe. But being that is is my first Christmas tree ever, I don’t have years of ornaments and decorations built up. And being that this momma is on a budget I had to find a simple and easy way to decorate my tree and make it look AMAZING without throwing my budget out of the water. So of course being my mother had years of Christmas decorations built up I just borrowed some lights and few ornaments in the color I wanted… Red! And White! But unfortunately she had very little in those colors… 10 to be exact! Well 12 but my kids broke 2. 

Now for anyone who has ever decorated a tree you know 10 ornaments is NOT enough. Like at all. So came in 4 more ornaments from walmart. Now I have to say how adorable these ornaments are. They are so country looking and so my style and the best part they are only $1.97 each. 

But of course these were all I could get my hands on so came my favorite part. My pinecone ornaments. So for my fall decoration I got a bag of pinecones.

Now yes you may ask well why don’t you just go outside and pick some up… well the answer to that is. I couldnt fine any. And even if I had with the rain that had been pouring down here in Texas they would just be all wet. So for $1 I got a whole bag of them. Which is not bad at all and I was able to use to make my cotton stems. (:

So I had a few good and full pinecones and thought what better then to use these as ornaments. Just one thing. The looked to natural and not wintery enough. (Yes I know wintery is not a word but it just works so perfectly for this)

Now being that I had some white paint left over from my most recent project my dresser. Which I will be showing y’all very soon I figured why not give my pine cones a little makeover! A Christmas makeover! 

So all you’ll need to make these little beauties are


  • Pinecones
  • White paint/snow spray
  • Twine
  • Paintbrush 
  • Scissors 

 Now I made two different ones which I love both, one with white paint and the other with some left over snow spray. 

Snow spray

White paint

Now all I did was get a small paintbrush and get some white paint and just started painting the ends of the cones 

I tried not to paint all of it and only the ends of some of the cones but the bigger the pinecone the more you’ll have to paint to give it that look. And I did touch up some of the bottom where it’s all close together. 

They should look something like this when your done painting. You can see the three different sizes and different amounts of paint I used on each. Next you will just need to take your twine and scissors and cute a piece of twine to the size you’d like it to hang front the tree. I didn’t cut my long nor too short because you need to account for the small amount you will need to attach to the pinecone to make it hang. 

All I did was wrap the twine under some the cones at the top so it was hidden underneath and tied a knot.  Then I took the two additional ends and tied them to make a complete circle to hang them. 

Now you can add some ribbon to these and make them look even cuter and match your color scheme even more but I didn’t have any red ribbon at the moment but I will be going to pick some up and add some to each one. I might even go for a picnic color red plaid ribbon if I can find one. 

But overall I love these little ornaments and the best part they are very simple to make and cheap. Especially if you have tones of pinecones in your backyard and white paint laying around these might just cost you nothing at all to make. And with the white the look perfect for the Christmas theme. 

As for your spray snow. I just got a can I had left over and sprayed them a little. One I spray way to much and another way to little. So just a little tip. Use a piece of paper. Make a small cone out of the paper and put it around the small areas you want the snow to be and spray. This way it stays in the small areas and doesn’t go everywhere like mine did. And I mean it goes everywhere. I had it on the floor the table and my hands. 

So I hope y’all enjoyed this small DIY and I hope y’all will make your own ornaments this year and I would love to see them. 

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